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Creedence Tablatures (Tabs): Long As I Can See The Light

Tabber : Paul Zimmerman (

Intro:  [B]| | | | | | [E6]| | [B]| | | | | | [E]| [F#]|

[B] [F#]Put a candle i[B]n the wi[E6]ndow
[B] Ca[G#m]use I feel I've g[B]ot to move
[B] Thoug[F#]h I'm g[E7]oin', goin' I'll be comin' home soon
[B] Lo[F#]ng as I can se[B]e the l[E]ight[F#]

[B] Pa[F#]ck my bag and let'[B]s get moving
[B] Caus[G#m]e I'm bound to dr[B]ift a while
[B] Whe[F#]n I'm [E7]gone, gone you don't have to worry
[B] Lo[F#]ng as I can se[B]e the l[E]ight[F#]

[B] Guess[F#] I've got that old trav[B]elin' bone
[B] Cause[G#m] this feeling won't leav[B]e me alone
[B] [F#]But I w[E7]on't, won't be losing my way
[B] Lo[F#]ng as I can se[B]e the l[E]ight[F#])
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